Xiaozhou Li, Raghav Sethi, Michael Kaminsky, David G. Andersen and Michael J. Freedman. Be Fast, Cheap and in Control with SwitchKV, In 13th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), Santa Clara, CA. 2016. [pdf] [web]

Denzil Correa, Ashish Surekha and Raghav Sethi. WhACKY! - What Anyone Could Know About You from Twitter, In Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST), Paris, France. 2012. [pdf]


Selected past projects are listed below:

What’s Next Up

What’s Next Up is an entertainment event aggregator, recommendation and filtering service. It offers a dead-simple way to easily view entertainment events across multiple categories (sports events, concerts, TV episodes etc.) that are personalized for the logged-in user. This project is under active development, and already has 600+ users and some press to its credit.


Bounce consists of client (C#) and server (Node.js) applications for an intelligent filesharing network that allows users to request download of files currently unavailable on the network (but existing at an offline node). Bounced caches requests for offline files and replicates the requested data on the user’s friend nodes as soon as the file is online to intelligently increase file availability.


Deadline helps students keep track of assignments and helps instructors know when to set them. Deadline for Android uses push notifications to automatically remind students of upcoming homework assignments, exams, tests and more. The web-interface helps instructors determine what other coursework their students need to submit well in advance, so that better scheduling decisions can be made.